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Waste Management, Wastewater Treatment, Vacuum Collection & Freshwater Generation.

Latest & Largest MPWMS
including AWT Interface with four Deerberg Integrated Biowaste DryersDeerberg equipped the largest Cruise Vessel ever built in Germany with its latest Multi-Purpose-Waste-Management-System MPWMS fulfilling highest operational and environmental requirements.

Latest MPWMS

Latest Deerberg MPWMS

Latest MPWMS 2

Latest MPWMS

Latest MPWMS

Latest MPWMS

Latest MPWMS

Jochen Deerberg took over the Organisers Office for the first global maritime environmental congress - gmec 2010, 7-8 September in Hamburg.

“gmec 2010 is the initial event to set the stage for what the maritime industry and international legislators have done within the past 30 years to reduce the environmental impact of shipping.”
Where to meet us in 2010
ECC 2009 Conference
European Maritime Day Event sponsored by Deerberg-Systems
19 May 2009
Palazzo Colonna, Rome

Join the leaders of the European cruise industry on European Maritime Day in Rome
Unique agenda 09.00-20.00.
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155 Passenger Vessels
with a Deerberg Waste Management System on board!!!

Between SMM 2008 and March 2009 Deerberg has received another 5 orders for waste management systems on board passenger vessels and has reached the 155 passenger vessel order mark.

Where to meet
Deerberg-Systems in

Deerberg-Systems is participating at following exhibitions and conferences throughout 2009.

- SMM Istanbul

- Seatec, Carrara

- Enviro-Yacht, Bremen

- Cruise Shipping Miami

- DWT Industrydays, Bonn

- ECC Conference, Rome

- Seatrade Europe, Hamburg

150 Passenger Vessels
with a Deerberg Waste Management System on board!!!

In the course of this year's SMM in Hamburg, Deerberg-Systems has announced during a Private Dinner at the Atlantic Kempinski Hotel the receipt of Order No. 150 for a Deerberg Waste Management System on board of a Passenger Vessel. With this order Deerberg strengthens its market position as the leading company in maritime environmental protection on board ships.

Participants from 12 countries, owners, yards, suppliers, and cooperation partners joined the occasion and celebrated together with Deerberg representatives this milestone in the company history.

In total Deerberg has equipped now 150 Passenger Vessels, 64 Navy Vessels, 26 SuperYachts, 10 Special Vessels, and more than 600 Merchant Vessels!
Deerberg Journal, Edition No.1
Major Issues from September 2006 to December 2007

AIDAdiva sets sail...

...with the most advanced
Environmental Protection Systems on board.

Conceiving a Cruise Vessel which shall set standards not only in its design but also in terms of sustainable operation requires team work.

Therefore project managers from AIDA Cruises, Meyer Yard and Deerberg discussed a multitude of possibilities of how to optimally set up the Waste Management System on board to fulfill highest international standards.

"We wanted the best
available System for AIDAdiva"

“Our Corporate Responsibility requires optimum environmental protection and sustainable operation of our vessels. In Deerberg we have found a partner who was able to fulfill all our demands regarding technology, and quality. The System is now in operation for 6 months and we are more than satisfied with the performance.”
Jens Kohlmann, Principle Technical Manager Newbuildings, AIDA Cruises

“The requirement was to design a state-of-the-art system, a true Zero Discharge Concept”, remembers Claus Altenberg, VP Technical Services, Deerberg at the start of the technical discussions. No easy task, considering the limited space availability combined with the high requirements. “By choosing highest quality equipment we were confident of the constant availability of all subsystems”, says Altenberg.

The selected design consists of a one-line Deerberg Incineration System, a DEVATEC® Vacuum Food Waste System, Recycling Equipment and the Deerberg AWT Interface to handle the bio-sludge coming from the Advanced Waste Water System (AWT).

“We paid special attention to the adjustment of the AWT Interface during starting-up”, says Gerhard Tebben, responsible for AIDAdiva order execution at Deerberg-Systems. “Zero Discharge requires dewatering and drying of the daily accumulating bio-sludge and food waste. Therefore the dryer and all related components must perform perfectly”, Tebben adds.

The dryer will add a lot of flexibility to the operation, and reduce required storage capacities so stays in port can now be used to dry the accumulated bio-waste. Tebben concludes the commissioning as follows: “Even though the system was quite complex and included many new components we have been able to complete all works on time. Our equipment has been able to reach the required capacity from day one.”

AIDAdiva Waste Management at a glance.

● 22kW Waste Shredder

● 15m³ Waste Silo

● 1.800kW Incinerator

● Container De-ashing

● 5m³ Food Waste Tank

● 5m³ Bio-Waste Tank

● 6,5m³ Dryer

● 13 DEVATEC Feeding Stations

● Vacuum Pump Unit with 3 x 6,6kW

● 2 Dewatering Units

(left: Providing highest operational flexibility, the Deerberg Incinerator with the unique Movable grate Technology)

Deerberg celebrates 250 years
Entrepreneurial Tradition... the Atlantic Hotel Hamburg.

This occasion was to celebrate the 250 year anniversary of the Deerberg company as well as the 20 year cooperation with HOBART.

Customers, cooperation partners and friends met at a private dinner at the Hotel Atlantic in Hamburg to honour this special milestone in the history of both companies.

It was therefore a special pleasure to welcome Pier Luigi Foschi of Costa, Ole Johansson of Wärtsilä, Bernd Aufderheide and Dietmar Aulich of Hamburg Messe along with Chris Hayman of Seatrade as guests of honour.

Jochen Deerberg dedicated his speech to the “Impact and obligations of 250 years entrepreneurial tradition on today’s activities and conduct of business”.

He expressed that “It is not material assets which influence our behaviour. It is the understanding of the fact that 7-9 generations before us have mastered set-backs and have built up the company and made the Deerberg name synonymous with quality, expansion and entrepreneurial behaviour.”

He also referred to the cooperation with HOBART, and added, that “This honest, and solid partnership is the most important foundation for our mutual success.”

Contracts received to equip
16 Gastankers

The systems have been delivered to Neptun Yard for the Solvang and Harpain Gastankers, to Aker France for the Gaz de France Gastankers and to Hudong Shipyard in China

All three yards decided on the Deerberg Sludge Oil Incineration System for their latest Gastanker newbuildings. 16 Gastankers for four different ship-owners will be equipped by Deerberg between 2006 and 2008.

“The Sludge Oil Incineration market is quite competitive today” knows Dirk Siefke, Manager of the Project Department at Deerberg. “But we have been able to convince the yards, that we are offering the best technology for the best price”, Siefke adds.

Impressions from the 21st Deerberg
Traditional Christmas Party

The church service, held in the oldest church of Oldenburg, is always an important part of the traditional Christmas party.

It has been a long tradition at Deerberg-Systems to celebrate the company’s Christmas party not only together with all employees but also with the most important cooperation partners and customers.

Without our partners we would not be able to steadily optimise our well proven and world-wide renowned waste management systems, both technologically and commercially.

Without our customers, demanding the best available technology at the most competitive price. We would have no driver to always improve and review our systems, adapting them to the ever changing onboard requirements and international regulations of today’s vessels.

At the end of the year it is therefore always important for us to come together, not only on a business level as during the rest of the year, but on a personal level, to review the current year and look forward to the coming year.

ECC Welcome Reception in Brussels

Deerberg sponsors the Welcome Reception in the European Parliament.

The impact of the cruise industry in Europe is significant.

To celebrate the foundation of the European Cruise Council ECC, senior executives from Europe’s leading cruise lines, ship-yards, ports, and suppliers were invited to Brussels for the inaugural conference.

Deerberg proudly sponsored the welcome reception in the European Parliament. “The cruise industry is the driver for the whole shipping industry regarding environmental protection.

The industry developed high-tech waste management solutions, far beyond IMO regulations” stated Jochen Deerberg in his welcoming speech.

Hobart sponsored the Opening Dinner after the reception in the European Parliament. 60 delegates and VIPs were invited to the Metropole Hotel.

System for Emerald Princess delivered

Deerberg delivers another Multi-Purpose-Waste-Management-System MPWMS® for a Grand Princess Class Vessel.

The Emerald Princess is the sixth Grand Princess Class Vessel in a row which is equipped with a Deerberg MPWMS®. “We are very happy with the co-operation with Fincantieri, Monfalcone”, says Helmer Schoolmann, responsible for the order execution at Deerberg.

“After six vessels we are a well-rehearsed team and we have been able to finalise the commissioning without major points”, adds Schoolmann, who is already looking forward to the next Grand Class Vessels to be delivered within the next years by the Italian yard.

“It is always a pleasure to be part of such an amazing project and to work with a team of highly motivated professionals” ,Schoolmann ends.

Training for Environmental Officers

Under the direction of Elaine Heldewier, Environmental Director at Carnival Cruise Line, Miami, Deerberg had the opportunity to participate at an internal training seminar for CCL’s Environmental Officers.

The aim was to update them on the optimum operation of the on board waste management systems.

The seminar focused on the operation of the incineration systems − optimum use of the incinerator capacity, sorting and non-sorting operation, and handling of problematic waste.

It was further discussed how to schedule preventive maintenance, fulfil world-wide rules and regulations, and how to comply with general health and safety standards.

NEW Deerberg Integrated Dryer

In order to support the owner in his effort to further reduce the energy consumption, Deerberg has introduced its new integrated dryer. The dryer is utilising the energy from the incineration process by using the hot incinerator flue gases for drying of food waste and the bio-sludge from AWT-Systems. The dryer also optimises the limited space availability on board.

It can be installed underneath or above the incinerator, which is making it also very attractive for refit installations.

NEW Small Incinerator for Navies

Onboard waste treatment on navy vessels has become essential to maintain operational flexibility, save cost of operations, and protect our marine environment.

Klaus Eule, Manager Navy Activities at Deerberg explains that automation and minimised crew engagement in waste handling is of utmost importance today for international navies. “We felt an increased demand especially for small incineration systems and have therefore developed a solution which is offering all known operational advantages of the Deerberg Movable Grate Technology”, says Eule.

The newly designed incinerator is suitable for navy vessels with up to 250 persons on board and is characterized by its quality of materials and workmanship, ash quality as well as fulfillment of international rules.

Deerberg is offering suitable system configurations for all different types and sizes of navy vessels. The Deerberg equipment range covers now vessels from Corvettes to Aircraft Carriers.
1000 Spare Part Transactions in 2007

Deerberg is currently servicing more than 200 passenger vessels.

It is essential for efficient daily operations and dry docking times that a regular spare part delivery service meets its required deadlines and our logistical services are second to none.

“We are more and more able to convince the owners to do preventive maintenance. This ensures that the most important spare parts are on board and the systems can always be operated”, says Stefan Kunz, Manager DSRD Department.

System for Queen Victoria delivered

HRH the Duchess of Cornwall officially named Cunard Line’s newest ocean liner, Queen Victoria, on December 10 in Southampton during a colorful and regal ceremony in front of a VIP audience of more than 2,000 guests, celebrities and dignitaries.

A milestone in Cunard and British maritime history. This historic occasion marks the continuation of a long tradition of senior Royals naming Cunard liners. Queen Victoria is not only a classic Cunard ocean liner, offering the very best of Cunard heritage and traditions, but is also the second largest Cunarder the company has ever built.

“We take great pride in being a supplier to this truly majestic vessel”, says Jochen Deerberg. The Deerberg team has worked for the past weeks together with the team at Fincantieri, Marghera in Italy to complete the commissioning of the Multi Purpose Waste Management System MPWMS® in time. The system was approved by the yard and the owner and is classified by Lloyds Register.

Turn-key Module for Allseas' Pipelayer

With this turn-key delivery of a Deerberg-Multi-Purpose-Waste-Management-System MPWMS® for Allseas’ pipelaying vessel Audacia, Deerberg is again proving its comprehensive capabilities in providing tailormade solutions for special marine applications.

“We have been asked by Allseas to design a complete Waste Management System, installed in a readymade turn-key module. The unit should then be lifted in front of the superstructure of the vessel, and connected to the ship’s system”, explains Claus Altenberg, VP Technical Services at Deerberg.

The turn-key module includes the Deerberg Movable Grate Incinerator for the burning of solid waste, food waste, sludge oil, and the waste generated by the pipelaying process. The unit weighs 75 tons and measures 10 by 5,5 by 5 meters.

Around three tons of waste can be treated daily.
Allseas has chosen the Deerberg system to save valuable ship space with the deck-mounted module.

Furthermore the vessel can independently operate world-wide as it is not forced to discharge the waste on shore.

AkerYards delivers Color Magic

“Because many Ferries are operating in sensitive areas like e.g. the Baltic, a functioning on board waste management system is a must”, says Gerhard Tebben, Project Manager at Deerberg.

Therefore Color Line and AKER decided that “Color Magic” should have a comprehensive solution

from Deerberg. All waste material is collected on board and stored for onshore landing. Especially worth mentioning is the DEVATEC® installation. “Food waste is collected by vacuum and stored in a chilled tank prior to onshore landing”, adds Tebben.

10 Vessels refitted & updated in 2007

“Deerberg’s Service and Refit Division DSRD offers comprehensive refit and updating services on its waste management systems. “This gives the owner the opportunity to bring the installed equipment back to a modern standard”, says Stefan Kunz, Manager DSRD (Deerberg Service and Refit) Department.

In 2007 Deerberg has carried out refitting and update work on a total of 10 vessels for various international owners. Many vessels have been fitted with an updated electronic control system, which provides control of fan speeds, along with under-pressure and automatic temperature adjustment. This has resulted in an optimised combustion process, and reduced fuel consumption. Further work on other vessels included, the optimization of sludge oil and food waste burning systems and the first general overhaul of the installed incinerators after ten years of operation.

Aker Yards LCS & Deerberg team up

Aker Yards Lifecycle and Deerberg have undersigned a Memorandum of Understanding for future refitting projects. Deerberg-Systems was selected as the preferred supplier for Environmental Protection Systems. Together, Aker Yards Lifecycle Services and Deerberg-Systems will develop Green Ship Concepts for all vessel types and sizes.

8 SuperYacht orders received in 2007

The market for super-yachts is steadily growing. “As these yachts are often operating in the most sensitive areas, environmental protection is a number one priority for the owners”, says Henning Weise, Business Unit Manager SupyerYachts & Rivercruise at Deerberg. Over the years Deerberg has developed systems specifically designed for installation on board of these luxury vessels.

Deerberg offers a range of compactors, balers, and crushers for the treatment of general waste. We also supply a specially designed DEVATEC® vacuum food waste system, grease traps, and a waste water treatment system for black- and grey water using biological treatment and membrane technology. “Workmanship and materials have to be of the highest quality – to match the rest of the vessels. Requirements for equipment surfaces are either polished stainless steel or “French Polished”, adds Weise.
 Deerberg Product Information

Waste Management System AIDAdiva

AIDAdiva sets sail with the most advanced Deerberg Environmental Protection System

The highly sophisticated Deerberg- Multi- Purpose- Waste- Management- System MPWMS enables AIDAdiva to perate in sensitive areas like the Mediterranean
AIDAdiva has been handed over to the owner in a stunning ceremony in the presence of (from left) Bernard Meyer, Managing Partner of Meyer Yard, Ole von Beust, Mayor of Hamburg, Micky Arison, Chairman & CEO of Carnival Corporation, Michael Thamm, President of Aida Cruises, Pier Luigi Foschi, Chairman & CEO of Costa Crociere, and Howard Frank, Vice Chairman & COO of Carnival Corporation. 350.000 visitors followed the christening in the port of Hamburg.

AIDAdiva is sailing with a Deerberg- Multi- Purpose- Waste- Management- System MPWMS® designed to handle the waste according to the highest international environmental standards. It was of utmost importance for the AIDA Management to install a complete zero discharge Waste Management System as the ship operates in sensitive areas like the Mediterranean. The system must satisfy highest quality standards as the ship is only equipped with a single-line system due to limited space on board.

Incineration System: The heart of the MPWMS® is the Deerberg Movable Grate Incinerator which can handle solid waste, including glass and tins, and wet waste as well as biosludge.
Recycling Equipment: In a sorting operation glass and tins are separated and prepared for later recycling.
DEVATEC® Food Waste Vacuum System: Food and wet waste is collected in 13 vacuum feeding stations located in galleys and preparation areas throughout the ship.

AWT/MBR Interface: Prior to incineration the biosludge is pre-treated by a decanter and is then dried in the wet waste dryer together with the food waste.

Deerberg Wet Waste Dryer:
In order to effectively burn food and wet waste, as well as biosludge coming from the waste water system, a steam heated contact dryer system was installed for optimal performance.

The Deerberg MPWMS® on board AIDAdiva
is fulfilling the highest standards

● Absolute 0-Discharge
● Highest equipment quality
● Optimal performance of all subsystems
● Constant availability of the system
● Fulfillment of strictest int. rules & regulations

Main advantages of the Deerberg-
Multi- Purpose- Waste- Management-
System MPWMS®

Movable Grate Incinerator
for optimal combustion process
● Highest operational flexibility
● Sorting and non-sorting operation possible
● Wet waste burning
● Self adjusting process

AWT/MBR interface
● Wet waste and biosludge drying prior to burning
● Contact dryer for optimal drying result

AIDAdiva is designed as a zero discharge ship!

Click Here for 360° views of the AIDAdiva MPWMS®
(You will need quicktime plugin to view the 360° views)

Turn-Key Waste Management Module

From Papenburg to Rotterdam by barge

Deerberg delivers waste management system for Allseas' "Audacia". Turn- key module assembled at our production company Nyblad in Papenburg.
For Jochen Deerberg, it is “a dream come true”. Back in 1984 he came up with the idea of a ship that he called “Marpol Entsorger”- a vessel equipped with a Waste Management System that could collect garbage from other ships and would be able to handle all kinds of waste while at sea. Says Jochen Deerberg: “However, at that time the idea did not come through.” Swiss-based Allseas S.A., a major offshore pipe-laying and subsea construction company, operates a series of specialized vessels.

Main components of the turn-key module
● Deerberg movable grate incinerator 1400 kW
● waste shredder
● lifting device for feeding waste
● control/distribution panels
● de-ashing system
● sludge-oil unit
● diesel oil supply unit
● food waste holding tank
● Hobart pulper/food press

Not only first class cruise ships like AIDA Diva are built in Papenburg (at Meyer Werft). Also the well-known Deerberg Movable Grate Incinerator is manufactured in the booming German city.

Deerberg’s MPWMS® turn-key module is fitted in a purpose made steel housing that is located on main deck. It is designed, developed and manufactured according to Lloyds Register rules and regulations. It will be transported by barge to Rotterdam, where it is lifted onboard “Audacia”.

Heavy weight: The Deerberg MPWMS® turn-key module for “Audacia” has a weight of 75 tons and was assembled at Nyblad factory in Papenburg.

Allseas has realized the potential of Deerberg’s integrated Waste Management System (MPWMS®) and has ordered a prefabricated turn-key module that is mounted in front of the superstructure of their new pipe-layer “Audacia”.

Teamwork: Deerberg engineers, led by Dipl.-Ing. Claus Altenberg, VP Technical Services at Deerberg (right), teamed up with a crew from Nyblad to make this project possible.

Main advantages of Deerberg MPWMS®
● fulfills IMO Marpol rules for waste handling
● no storage or unnecessary handling of waste
● deck-mounted module saves valuable space
● no landing costs for waste and sludge-oil
● system can handle waste:
◊ generated by 240 crew
◊ from pipe-laying process
◊ sludge-oil
● allows independent ship operation

Technical data:
Length: 9,75 meters
Width: 5,50 meters
Height: 5,00 meters
Weight: 75 tons

Waste processed per day:
250 kg burnable waste
500 kg packing materials
500 kg food & wet waste
1500 kg sludge oil
180 kg glass and tins

Environmental Protection on Ferries

State- of- the- art Environmental Protection Systems for Ferries. Deerberg-Systems receives contract for Color Magic!
Again we have been able to prove our market-leading position when we received the order from Aker Finnyards for the installation of a complete waste management system onboard the Color Magic, carrying 3000 persons on board.

High quality solutions: In December 2004, Deerberg already delivered and installed a complete waste management system on board Color Fantasy, Color Line’s first cruise ferry. “It makes us proud that Aker Yards and Color Line chose us again, and it endorses us in our philosophy to provide high-quality environmental solutions to the marine industry” says Deerberg’s owner & CEO, Jochen Deerberg.
For more than 25 years, Deerberg has been developing, designing and delivering integrated waste management systems and tailor-made solutions to give operators the possibility to treat all waste in an environmentally sound way.

Deerberg Vacuum Technology: One of Deerberg’s latest developments is the in-house designed Deerberg Vacuum Technology DEVATEC®, which guarantees an easy and hygienic transport of food and wet waste on board ships. Compared to traditional grinder or pulper systems, the DEVATEC System offers multiple advantages.

• Reduced fresh water use
• Easy and simple operation
• Less mechanical parts
• Less Spare parts
• Less maintenance cost

In the case of Color Magic, the food waste is collected through seven vacuum hoppers, located in different restaurants and galleys, and is then transported through a pipe system to a processing unit. There, the food waste is ground and dewatered, and afterwards stored in a chilled tank. A special food waste pump transfers the waste into a disposal truck when the ship is in port and later on takes it to an adequate waste reception facility on shore.

Dry Waste Solutions: In addition to food and wet waste, also dry waste and glass bottles are managed on board. A glass chute is installed to collect the glass in a closed container. Dry waste is collected through a chute system. A snail compactor at the end of the chute presses the waste in a container for optimal utilization of space. Further, a glass crusher is installed, as well as a bale press to bale the general waste and a 3-chamber baling press is used to bale recyclables like paper, plastics and cardboard.

The containers are picked-up by a truck in every port of call and exchanged with an empty one. The garbage is transported to an adequate reception facility where it will be further treated or recycled.

Daily Waste Amounts to be handled:
• 2100 kg of food waste/day
• 3600 kg of dry waste/day
• 2400 kg of glass/day
Solutions for all types of Ships: Whilst the installations on the Color Fantasy and Color Magic describe solutions for complete waste management systems on cruise ferries, Deerberg-Systems also offers flexible and tailor-made solutions for smaller passenger and Ro/Pax Ferries.

We see ourselves not only as a supplier but it is our philosophy to establish a team with yards and owners, to develop the best possible economical and technical solution.