Environmental Protection Systems

Deerberg-Systems is now
part of the Evac Group.

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PRESS RELEASE: Evac integrates Deerberg-Systems, the global
market leader in marine environmental protection systems!
Solutions for all Types of Vessels

Deerberg-Systems, the world’s leading supplier of state-of-the-art Environmental Protection Systems for Ships, set the pace for innovations in regard to environmental standards. Our Multi-Purpose-Waste-Management-System MPWMS® is designed to provide owners and operators with integrated solutions which are fulfilling and exceeding the world-wide strictest environmental regulations.

The Deerberg MPWMS® offers solutions for Solid Waste, Food & Wet Waste, Sludge Oil, Recyclables as well as biosludges from AWT-Systems.

Deerberg provides integrated, tailormade solutions for all types of Vessels such as Cruise Vessels, Ferries, Navy Vessels, SuperYachts, River Cruise Vessels, Offshore Vessels & Platforms as well as Merchant Vessels.

Management-System MPWMS®

The Deerberg Ocean Assurance Program provides sterile emissions and treated water according to or exceeding: IMO, MARPOL, USPH, USCG, EPA, DERM, USDA, Alaska, Hawaii, Caspian Sea and other local rules and regulations
200 Large Passenger Vessels, 78 Navy Vessels,
28 SuperYachts, 20 Offshore & Special Vessels and more than 650 Merchant Vessels equipped.